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What is a Caravan Motor Mover

A caravan mover, often called a caravan motor mover, is a drive system consisting of two or four electric motors driving rollers that can be engaged with the caravan tyres in order to move the caravan.

They are powered from your caravan leisure battery and they can move the van forward, backwards, turn and rotate on the spot.

This is usually controlled by a remote control handset. The motors are engaged with the tyres when you need to manoeuvre the caravan and disengaged when you are towing.

Caravan Motor Mover Problems



All caravan motor movers have limitations on the size and weight of caravan that they are able to move and as the caravan gets bigger, so too does the installation cost of the motor mover required to do the job correctly. This is especially true with double axle caravans where a typical four wheel drive mover system can cost over £2000 to install. However, even the most basic models will cost £700-800 to install.

Battery Usage

Caravan movers take a significant power draw on your caravan battery, especially when moving the caravan over rough or uneven ground, or if required to move the caravan up or down a gradient. It is recommended by most installers that your battery is upgraded to at least 110Ah in order to cope with this additional usage which further increases the cost of installation.

Extra Weight

Caravan movers typically add between 35-70kg to the weight of your caravan and will reduce the ground clearance by 40-60mm. This will obviously reduce your available payload and your fuel economy when towing.


When positioning caravans, motormovers m o v e _ v e r y _ s l o w l y ! Now this is fine for a short distance, or if you have all day to spare, but for most of us who like to get on with life, it can be more than a little frustrating in this high speed, fibre optic broadband world to stand and wait for a caravan to move.

Caravan Motor Mover Alternative

An alternative to an expensive, heavy and slow caravan motor mover is a detachable front towbar from Watling Engineers. These are similar to a rear towbar in that they provide a towball attachment on your towing vehicle, but different in that they are positioned at the front of your vehicle.

There are many benefits that a front towbar has over a caravan motor mover.  In this day and age, price would be one of the more significant benefits and when you consider that here at Watling Engineers the average price for a fitted front towbar is around £215-240, it becomes immediately obvious why more and more people are opting for one.

A front towbar is so much more.  If, like many people, you enjoy more than one pastime, a front towbar can be used with any trailered application from boats to commercial trailers.  It is just as good at launching a boat down a slipway, providing an anchor point for a winch or parking a caravan up a hill on a gravel drive.

With a front towbar, you are not limited by the terrain of the local campsite, or a kerb, because you are using the power of your vehicle to move the caravan and not a 12v battery.  Anywhere that you can tow your caravan out of, you can push your caravan into with a front towbar.  In fact using a front towbar actually gives you more manoeuvrability and control because the pivot point (towball) is so close to the turning wheels of the vehicle and because being able to see what you are doing gives you more confidence.

Please click here for details of the many features and benefits a front towbar provides.


Please play the video above to see a short 3 minute demonstration of the Watling front towbar.