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94/20EC Type Approved Motorhome Towbars

To complement our own range of motorhome towbars we can now offer fully Type Approved, adjustible towbars for use on vehicles with Alko chassis and other vehicles with heavy duty chassis extensions.

Yes, it is finally here. From April 2012 all motorhomes sold in the UK must have EC Whole Vehicle Type Approval; or for manufacturers selling only in the UK, National Small Series Type Approval or Individual Vehicle Approval.
This has had an effect on the fitting of towbars.  Although there is some debate as to when exactly a Type Approved towbar should be fitted to a motorhome, and it can be difficult to tell if a vehicle is actually Type Approved itself, we have drawn a line in the sand at ’12 plate’ registrations from 1st April 2012.  As a result, customers have several choices which I have tried to outline below:

Vehicle Registration Date Towbar options
Before April 2012 e.g. ‘60’, ‘11’, ‘61’

Non-Approved towbar can be fitted and used as normal

Type Approved towbar can be fitted and used as normal
After April 2012 e.g. ‘12’, ‘62’, ‘13’ etc.

Non Approved towbar can be fitted but used only for bicycle rack support, motorbike or scooter rack support, other load carrying devise

Type Approved towbar should be fitted for all towing applications

In conjunction with our Alko Chassis Measurement Form we can now supply a Type Approved solution to your towing needs. These towbars are come in either fixed swan neck or detachable swan neck style and are approved for use on a large range of vehicles. These models include, but are not limited to Swift, Bessacarr, Elddis, Aspire, Burstner, Hobby, Autotrail, Dethleffs, Auto-Sleeper, Hymer, Knaus, Laika, Pilote, Niesman&Bischoff and Rapido. Please refer to our comprehensive motorhome towbar pricelist for details.

Adjustable Type Approved Motorhome Towbar

Assembly items for type approved motorhome towbar

Type Approved motorhome towbars generally fit to heavy duty chassis extensions with towbar mounting holes pre-drilled, Alko chassis’ and Alko chassis extensions.  Where a vehicle does not have these types of chassis, you will need to fit heavy duty chassis extensions as well as the towbar.

Galvanised Alko chassis with torsion bar rear suspension. Towbar can be fitted straight to this chassis

Chassis Cab with rear leaf springs and Heavy Duty chassis extension. Towbar can be fitted straight to this chassis

Chassis Cab with rear leaf springs. Chassis extensions need to be fitted before the towbar can

Chassis extensions are specific to the vehicle in question and we can supply the correct ones for your vehicle make and model.

Shown here is a set of extensions fitted to a Fiat Ducato chassis. As you can see, in this case the chassis extensions are set at their lowest point in order to clear a water tank located just behind the main chassis.

In this instance, only a relatively short extension is needed before the end of the vehicle is reached. However, these chassis extensions are built at 1.5m in length to accommodate even the longest motorhomes. The chassis extensions are adjustable in height and length however, please note that to adjust the length, cutting equipment is required.  You will also be required to re-drill the towbar attachment holes if the chassis extensions are shortened.

When fitting these extensions to motorhomes, you may be required to reposition corner steadies, water pipes, tanks or other support brackets or architecture under the vehicle.  We will do our best to advise about this but cannot possibly know all variations used by motorhome builders. Please see our extensive motorhome towbar pricelist for full details of what is required on each vehicle.


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