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Watling Motorack - Scooter and Motorbike Carrier

Motorack scooter carrier

The Motorack scooter carrier is the ideal method for transporting a
scooter or small motorbike with you on your journeys

The Watling Motorack is fast becoming the ‘new standard’ for towbar-mounted motorbike carriers. Both lightweight and easy to use, it has been designed for single person operation and comes complete with everything you need to get going.

The Watling Motorack simply bolts onto an existing ‘flange’ type towbar and can accommodate most mopeds/scooters or motocross bikes up to 130kg in weight with a wheelbase of up to 1500mm. It can also be used to transport up to two bicycles.

Having a motorbike carrier or scooter rack is an ideal way of taking your local transport with you when you go away in your motorhome. Anyone with a full UK driving licence can ride a 50cc motorbike or scooter with no further qualifications required. It gives you the freedom to pop into town or go and see the local sights without having to pack up your whole motorhome!

The many benefits of a Watling Motorack include:

*Please check the max nose weight of your towbar.
*Overloading your vehicle can be dangerous. Please use our motorhome axle loads form to check that you are within your safe limits. Click here for more details.

The Watling Motorack is finished in galvanised steel and enamel to ensure a long life and comes complete with a 1.5m loading ramp, 4’ lighting board, and 2 tie-down straps so you are ready to go as soon as it arrives. Prices from £275 +Vat (£330 inc.VAT).

Bikerack Example 1

The Motorack is finished in galvinised steel and enamel paint for a hard wearing finish.

Bikerack Example 2

Locate the loading ramp at the rear of the tray.


Bikerack Example 3

Push the bike up the ramp and locate the front
wheel into the support hoop

Bikerack Example 4

The motorack is designed to have as small
an overhang as possibible.

Bikerack Example 5

After a few minutes securing your bike with the straps provided you can be on your way

Bikerack Example 6

The Motorack is also suitable for many motocross bikes and because of its design, can quickly be adapted to carry different sized bikes.


!!! Stay safe with your scooter !!!


Please use our Motorhome Axle Loads form to find the safe working limits of your motorhome. Click here for more info.


Many motorhomes can benefit from having Air Suspension fitted to aid with stability and ride height. Please click here for more info.


Bicycle Adaptor

From time to time, you may wish to adapt your Motorack to carry bicycles instead of a scooter. To assist with this we have designed a simple cycle adaptor that can be added or removed when necessary. Costing only an additional £35 plus VAT this gives maximum versatility for minimal money.

Cyclerack Example 1

The cycle adaptor is attached in seconds

Cyclerack Example 2


Cyclerack Example 3

and gives extra support for up to 2 bikes.

Weight Heaviest single item
Total weight of boxed product
18.5 Kg (41lbs)
29.5Kg (65lbs)
Max Load 130 Kg (286lbs) 4ft Lighting Board Included
Overhang behind bumper 450 mm (18") Webbing Straps Included
Main Frame Length 1600 mm (63") Cycle Adaptor 35.00
Overall length across car 1805mm (71") Number Plate 14.00
Front tyre width up to 125mm (5") Postage + Packing (UK) 20.00
Wheelbase up to 1500mm (59")
Max handlebar width to vertical
face of hitch mounting
680mm (27") Please note this will increase if vehicle bodywork slopes away from the bike.


Scooter rain covers

To complement your scooter and Motorack we can provide waterproof covers in various colours and sizes. All Bike Covers are British made and manufactured from a triple layer protection fabric called WEBFLEX. This is a unique multi-layered fabric that has been designed to protect bikes from the harmful effects of direct sunlight, dirt abrasion and elements of the weather and is 100% waterproof.

For complete all weather durability the cover is lap-seamed to ensure that it remains watertight and breathable. All covers will keep your bike free from the natural damage caused by acid rain, bird droppings, dampness and direct UV light.

  • Durable non-abrasive fabric
  • Recommended for outdoor and indoor use
  • Storage bag included.

With prices starting from £67 inc. VAT it is an ideal way of protecting your scooter from motorway muck and grime while it is on the back of your motorhome, or for everyday use at home.

Please note, covers are available for every size of bike, so please call for more information.


Bike Rack Mk1

Very light weight and simple to use, the Watling Bike Rack simply bolts directly on to your towbar bracket. Designed for Motocross and trials bikes, different wheel bases can be accommodated by the adjustable front wheel holder.


Motorbike Carrier diagram
Weight 15 Kg (28lbs) WATLING BIKERACK 120.00
Max Load 130 Kg (286lbs) 4ft Lighting Board 20.00
Overhang behind bumper 390 mm (15.5") Number Plate 14.00
Main Frame Length 1680 mm (66") Webbing Straps 7.60 each
Overall length across car 1920-2000 mm
Wheel - Base adjusts from 1295-1400 mm
Front tyre width up to 100 mm (3.94 Inches)
  • The WATLING Bike Rack is designed to carry one bike without being hampered by the restrictive U.K. general trailer speed-limit of 50 mph
  • The Rack fits to B.S. trailer towing bracket hitch bolts (2 x 16mm @ 90 mm centres)
  • Longer or greater wheel-base adjustment can be provided if the over-hang is acceptable
  • Other tyre width slots can be provided to special order


  • Higher Speed Limits; i.e. 70 mph on U.K. motorways etc.
  • No Parking problems
  • No Reversing difficulties
  • Readily fitted to Towing-Bracket Hitch bolt holes & removed after use.
  • Wheel-Base adjustment by moving the detachable front wheel slot, which fits the tie-post when travelling empty, thus reducing
    right-hand overhang.

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