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Launching Boats With Front Towbars

Professional boatyards, slipway operators and other boating establishments have known the benefits of front mounted towbars for decades. Turn up at almost any commercially run slipway or marina and you will most likely find a modified tractor or Land Rover with a towball mounted on the front, trundling up and down the slip and pushing boats into and out of parking spaces.


Reversing is a pain in the neck!! A Watling Front Towbar is ideal for launching boats on any slipway


Boat Trailer Launch 01

Boat Trailer Launch 02

Here at Watling Engineers we are opening up this trade secret to the general public by designing a range of front towbars for commonly available passenger and commercial vehicles. They are all detachable making them as unobtrusive as possible when not in use and make launching your boat a breeze.

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Reversing is a pain in the neck, literally, and if you happen to be attached to a boat trailer at the time, it is even worse. It doesn’t seem to matter which way you turn the wheel, the damn thing just wont go where you want it to.

Now this is fine if you have an open field and plenty of time, but if you are trying to launch your boat on an awkward slipway, it can be more than a little frustrating.

Boat Trailer Launch 04

Tractor Launching boat with front towbar. Example 1

Boat Trailer Launch 04

Tractor Launching boat with front towbar. Example 2

With a front towbar, smaller steering movements result in quicker direction changes. Also, everything you need to see is directly in front of you resulting in no confusion between left and right!

The benefits of a front towbar don’t just stop at the slipway. A front towbar makes parking your boat trailer at home or moving it around the boat park so much easier you will wonder why it has not been done before.

Boat Trailer Launch 04

Launching your boat with a front towbar gives added visibility and
more manoeuvrability.

Boat Trailer Launch 04

Having the use of low ratio forward gears is a great benefit to many 4x4 owners.

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Designs are available for an ever increasing number of vehicles. If yours is not listed, please call for details of our special design and fit service.

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The detachable nature of the front towbar means that it is as unobtrusive as possible when not in use.

Boat Trailer Launch 04

Parking is simple when you can see where you are going!.

Boat Trailer Launch 04

Even parking into tight spaces such as a garage.

Other advantages include being able to use the power of you vehicle to manoeuvre your trailer instead of your back or a 12v battery, inclines, gravel and grass are no longer obstacles and you no longer have to rely on vague arm waving and “left a bit, right a bit” instructions.

Towbar Diagram


  • Detachable: The front part of the Push-Bar is easily removed so that the front of your vehicle is kept neat and tidy.
  • Neat: The main part of the Push-Bar is normally hidden.
  • Look & See: No more neck craning (or mind numbing) problems of which way to steer to miss that tree!
  • Manoeuvre: Into tight corners with ease - its all in front of you.
  • Power: Use the power of your vehicle, not your back, to move your caravan, powerboat, horsebox, on grass, gravel or uphill.
  • Control: Position double axle caravans with ease.
  • Easy to Use: Quick to fit - simply remove the plastic bung, slide the detachable section into the fixed tube and secure with the HT Pin & R clip
  • Special Designs: For vehicles not on our standard list we can usually design and manufacture a 'one off' on your vehicle.

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