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Watling Engineers Front Towing Brackets

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Watling Engineers. Caravan move

Front towbars are ideal for manoeuvring caravans. Click here for more details about moving caravans with a front towbar.

Watling Engineers. Boat launch

Front tow bars make launching boats easy. Click here for more details about launching boats with a front towbar.

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Fancy a bit of off-roading? Click here for
details of our range of portable front or rear mounted winches.

Front towbars - The professionals choice

Many industries have used front mounted tow bars and hitches successfully for decades. It has become second nature to them and you may have even seen them being used. The aircraft industry uses front mounted hitches to park aircraft onto the stand which is possibly the worlds’ most difficult parking job!

aircraft. front push towbars

RNLI boat launch using front push towbar

forklift truck using front push towbar

The RNLI and other boating establishments such as boat yards and slipway owners have for years understood the benefits of a front mounted towbar for launching their boats.

And if you turn up at almost any caravan or trailer manufacturer you will find a modified vehicle of some description with a front mounted towball pushing their trailers around the yard and maneuvering them into and out of tight spots and parking spaces.

This has been a trade secret for a long time and now we here at Watling Engineers want to offer you the benefits of a front mounted towbar.
But the question remains – why are they so good?

Here is a video from the Caravan Channel when they came to film us fitting a front towbar to a Jeep Grand Cherokee.




front push towbar boat launch with high visibility

Front push towbar with caravan

Front push towbar, tractor boat launch

Well, for a start you can see where you are going. We know it sounds obvious but haven’t you ever thought, as you are peering round your headrest trying to miss a tree with the back end of your caravan, or hoping not to drive off the edge of the slipway that it would be much easier if you could actually see where you are going? Being able to see clearly where you are going gives you a tremendous amount of confidence in what you are doing. This is made even better because as standard we offset the towball to the passengers side, which leaves the driver with a clear view in front.




front push towbar boat launch with high vmaneouvrability

Front push towbar close up

Front push towbar, 4x4 boat launch

Then we have the maneuverability of your trailer. With a rear towbar the turning wheels are a long way away from the pivot point (towball). This greatly increases the reaction time for any turn to be initiated. With a front towbar, the opposite is true. The turning wheels are very close to the pivot point which gives very quick directional change and much greater control over the position of the trailer.


Ease of use

When reversing a trailer you also get problems with opposite lock and jack knifing. There comes a point when no matter which way you turn the steering wheel the trailer will jack knife and you have no option but to pull forward and start again. With a front towbar it is almost impossible to jack knife. You can turn out of almost any difficult situation – not that there are many difficult situations because you can see where you are going!


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Here at Watling Engineers we have developed a range of front towbars that fit onto an ever expanding list of vehicles. Front push-tow bars are ideal for launching boats on any slipway, or manoeuvring caravans into any space, as everything you need to see is directly in front of you.

Like a tow bar, the pushbars consist of a steel frame, which is bolted onto the front chassis of the vehicle, with a detachable section onto which a towball is bolted. The whole item is very discrete and can barely be noticed when not in use.

Front push towbar on a Land Rover

Front push towbar on a Zafira

Front push towbar on a Navara

Front push towbar next to Land Rover

Front push towbar next to a Zafira

Front push towbar next to a Navara

Designs include most common 4x4s like the Landrover Discovery Series 1,2 and 3, the Nissan Navara and an increasing number of saloon cars like the Zafira pictured here.


Manoeuvring made easy

Front push towbar Mondeo

Reversing is a pain in the neck, literally, and if you happen to be attached to a trailer or caravan at the time, it is even worse. It doesn’t seem to matter which way you turn the wheel, the damn thing just wont go where you want it to.

Now this is fine if you have an open field and plenty of time, but if you are trying to get your caravan down a tight driveway or launch your boat on an awkward slipway, it can be more than a little frustrating.

A front towbar eliminates this frustration because you can see where you are going.

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Other advantages include being able to use the power of you vehicle to manoeuvre your trailer instead of your back or a 12v battery, inclines, gravel and grass are no longer obstacles and you no longer have to rely on vague arm waving and “left a bit, right a bit” instructions.

Front Towbar Schematic



  • Detachable: The front part of the Push-Bar is easily removed so that the front of your vehicle is kept neat and tidy.
  • Neat: The main part of the Push-Bar is normally hidden.
  • Look & See: No more neck craning (or mind numbing) problems of which way to steer to miss that tree!
  • Manoeuvre: Into tight corners with ease - its all in front of you.
  • Power: Use the power of your vehicle, not your back, to move your caravan, powerboat, horsebox, on grass, gravel or uphill.
  • Control: Position double axle caravans with ease.
  • Easy to Use: Quick to fit - simply remove the plastic bung, slide the detachable section into the fixed tube and secure with the HT Pin & R clip
  • Special Designs: For vehicles not on our standard list we can usually design and manufacture a 'one off' on your vehicle.

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