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Watling Towbars for Auto-Sleepers / Marquis Group Motorhomes

Autosleeper Windsor Motorhome

The Auto-Sleeper Windsor - This is one of the many motorhomes that Auto-Sleepers produce where towbars are available off the shelf.

In conjunction with Auto Sleepers, one of the UKs premiere motorhome manufacturers, we have produced a range of towbars specific to individual vehicles. These cover both past and present models, ranging from the early Peugeot Talbot based vans and chassis cab conversions, to the most modern Mercedes, Ford and Peugeot based coachbuilt vehicles.

These vehicle specific towbars ensure an exact fit to the base vehicle and can be provided in kit form with full instructions so that they can be fitted by any competent towbar fitter.

Our motorhome towbars are designed around existing strong points on the original chassis and are based on years of experience with all types of base vehicles. Prices range from just £250 plus vat for the towbar, and to this you can add a range of wiring kits, towballs, and optional extras.

Unlike some towbar manufacturers, we do as much as we can to minimise the impact of the towbar on the look of your vehicle. This is achieved by hiding as much of the framework as possible, underneath your motorhome.

Although our list is not exhaustive, we cater for a large number of models including:
Rambler, Symbol, Symphony, Harmony, Pavo, Warwick, Duo, Freedom, Nuevo, Inca, Ravenna, Executive, Talisman, Duetto, Polensa, Gemini, Ravenna, Amethyst, Rienza, Hampshire, Windsor, Ascot, Eton, Surrey, Suffolk, Northants, Devon, Berkshire, Gloucester, Hampshire, Trooper, Trident, Topaz...


Autosleeper Windsor Motorhome

Autosleeper Amethyst

Autosleeper Polensa Motorhome

Autosleeper Pollensa

Autosleeper Amethyst Motorhome

Autosleeper Windsor

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Towbar fitting kits, wiring kits and optional extras


Whilst we would always recommend that towbars are fitted by a competent and professional towbar fitter, we offer a full range of products to ensure that everything is available to complete the job.

Towbar kits
These include all the required steelwork, fixings, and nuts and bolts needed to attach the towbar to the vehicle. Prices are from £250 plus vat.

Wiring Kits
For most vehicles built before 2007, a simple 12N kit (from £20.50 plus vat) with a front mounted indicator buzzer is all that is required. This is attached to the vehicles main loom, and is fairly straightforward to fit.

Autosleeper Windsor Motorhome

Autosleeper Polensa Motorhome

Autosleeper Amethyst Motorhome

Most vehicles built after 2007 (including Transits, Ducattos, Boxers and Sprinters) are fitted with CanBUS or Multiplex wiring. This requires a slightly more complicated approach to trailer electrics with the addition of Bypass Relay Kits (from £50 plus vat), or Vehicle Specific Kits (from £120 plus vat). Bypass relay kits are generally less expensive, but take longer to install whereas Vehicle Specific kits are generally more expensive, work in conjunction with the vehicles own electronics and are sometimes more straightforward to install.

These are a popular addition to many van conversions, as often an original step will have to be removed to fit a towbar. These bolt on between the towball and the towbar and provide good access (and a little protection) to the back of the vehicle.

Autosleeper Windsor Motorhome


Towbar mounted Bicycle racks

These are useful for both van conversions and coachbuilt vehicles when drilling and mounting on the rear panel is either not possible nor desireable. They offer good value for money and can cope with up to 4 bikes at a time.

Autosleeper Polensa Motorhome

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