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Watling Engineers have a fully stocked trailer and caravan accessories shop at our premises. If we don’t happen to have what you need, or if you require more unusual items, we can source most products from one of our many suppliers.

Items held in stock include:

Pickup & 4x4 Accessories

We fit a range of pickup & 4x4 accessories from Pegasus4x4. More information can be seen below.


We stock a large range of steel which can be purchased in standard lengths or pre-cut to your requirements for a small charge. Ideal for a range of uses from fence posts to shelf supports, steel items up to 1.6m long can be sent to your home or business through our courier service. Alternatively you can collect items of any length direct from our factory.

Common stock items include box section tube, angle and flat lengths. A selection of these is described below.

Item (mm) Description Price / Metre (£)
25x25x3.2 Box 4.45
40x40x4 Box 7.65
50x30x4 Box 7.65
50x50x4 Box 11.65
25x25x3 Angle 1.99
50x50x3 Angle 3.40
40x40x5 Angle 3.65
50x50x6 Angle 6.10
16x3 Flat 0.85
30x3 Flat 1.05
25x6 Flat 1.75
40x6 Flat 2.35

Ideal for fence posts.


We have a comprehensive range of bolts and fastenings from 6-16mm in diameter, and everything in between, which can be bought as single items or bags of as many as you need. Great, competitive value!

Item (mm) Price inc. nut & washer (each) Item (mm) Price inc. nut & washer (each)
6x25 0.18 10x100 1.08
6x50 0.35 12x30 0.53
8x25 0.24 12x50 0.65
8x40 0.32 12x75 1.21
8x50 0.40 12x120 2.86
10x25 0.39 16x45 1.39
10x40 0.49 16x60 1.80
10x65 0.65 16x100 3.03

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